2.76 Inch Handmade No Lint Organic Wool Felt Balls

起源の場所: 中国
ブランド名: LSN
証明: SGS
モデル番号: S-03
最小注文数量: 50 PC
価格: $0.55-0.85/pcs
パッケージの詳細: 40*50*60cmの箱の300pcs
受渡し時間: 出荷するために用意して下さい
支払条件: L/C、T/T、ウェスタン・ユニオン
供給の能力: 1週あたりの50000
サイズ: 2.76インチ MOQ: 50 PC
パッケージ: ほしいように 機能: より乾燥した助手
素材: 100%のウール 使用: 家の洗濯のクリーニング

2.76 inch wool felt balls


no lint wool felt balls


7cm Wool Felt Balls


2.76 inch 100% Handmade No Lint Organic Eco Wool Dryer Balls


1. Wool Dryer Balls: 


Want a little scent?

If you aren’t sensitive to scent, we absolutely recommend you add drops of essential oils like lavender or citrus to your dryer balls laundry, and let the balls sit for at least 20 minutes before you toss them in the dryer. Your laundry will be left with a subtle fragrance that’s natural and not overpowering.


Time, energy, money

Wool Dryer Balls will help you reduce washing time by 25%-40%. Our dryer balls are reusable, every ball can lasts 1,000+ loads. Thus you no longer need to throw away the money per box of scented dryer sheets. You will cut more on your electric bills. What's more, you'll save energy! Environmental protection.


Use Instructionss

Please toss 3-4 Dryer Balls for small loads and 4-6 for large loads.

Fluff and soft your Laundry.
Reduce winkles
Natural dry your clothes


2. Wool Dryer Balls Detials:


Material: 100% wool
Size: 7cm or custom
Weight: 40g
Advantage: high quality&low price
Packing: poly bag or cotton bags and cartons
Technology: hand-made
Characteristic: anti-tearing, good wearability, anti-static, eco-friendly
Certificate: SGS
Application: used for cloth washing, decorative, keep warm


3. Wool Dryer Balls Advantage


Won’t leave chemical residue on your clothes
Won’t cause irritation
Won’t create toxic scents
Won’t have to replace for years
Won’t have to pay as much on your dryer energy bills!




Our dryer wool balls can reduce wrinkles and pet hair effectively. Your clothing will be more soft and fluffy. You find a fluff and super soft feeling for blanket, clothes and towels, a natural smoothing comfortable touch. If you’re not sensitive to scents, you can drop some essential oil on dryer balls, let them soaked in, like Lavender, lemon, etc. You will find a natural fragrance, reduce winkles and static cling.


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